Urban campuses are part of a new and exciting approach to education, and how it can be optimised in today’s built-up and potentially stifling urban environment. They harness the power of physical open spaces and, in doing so, open up new intellectual and experiential vistas for students, from a starting point that says the whole outside world is your laboratory.

The use of these urban campuses is in line with our ethos: to break down borders, gates and barricades to learning.

We continue to work towards dispelling the myth and mentality of the “gated community” and offer our students a new and different perspective on education and the spaces this can happen in, mirroring the kind of education environment they would encounter at tertiary level and in their everyday lives outside of school.

Ascot Campus


The Administration, English, Afrikaans,  Physical and Life Sciences, Geography, Drama, Counselling and IT / CAT departments

Facilities include:

  • Apple Mac checkout facilities
  • Campus-wide WiFi connectivity
  • Photography Darkroom
  • Chemistry and Biology labs
  • Tuck shop
  • Skateboard ramps
  • Astroturf soccer pitch
  • Basketball court
  • Foursquare


Rosmead Campus


Life Orientation, Design and Art departments

Facilities include

  • Media Room
  • Art Studio and Design Space
  • Mac Lab
  • Cedar Sip Coffee shop


Prep School Campus


The Prep school

Facilities include:

  • Five main classrooms
  • Skate path
  • Paved, covered patio
  • Bowling green

The unique bowling green property means that the learners have space to play and the shade cloth covered area means that our students have the option of relaxing outside while enjoying protection from the harsh African sun.