Cedar House is a small community and its extramural programme is small in size, but definitely not small in the quality and calibre of activities on offer. Every student in our community who takes part is committed and enthusiastic. The teachers who offer these activities are also committed, making their sessions with the students both enjoyable and meaningful.

Our extramural programme is not compulsory; therefore every student who takes part is there because they want to be there. This makes every activity a meaningful and fun experience for everyone involved. The staff at Cedar House are determined to keep the extramural programme running smoothly and as exciting as possible.

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The Science Club

Every second Thursday afternoon from 3 to 4 pm in Room 8. This term we will be looking at Geochemistry with an emphasis on identifying rocks and minerals in the Cape Peninsula. We will be learning the basics of Geochemistry in Science Club, and will have one weekend hike to look more closely at the common minerals of the Cape Peninsula.

Click Club

Our photography club, dubbed “The Click Club”, meets on Thursday afternoons. We organize outings, events and darkroom experiences. Groups have done pinhole cameras and photograms, as well as documentary outings to Khayelitsha and Observatory.

Junior & Senior Stage Marimba

A seven-piece marimba band that consists of four different marimbas; bass, tenor, alto, soprano. This, combined with the great skills and creativity of our senior stage students, uplifts them and others to feel free and selfless. The seniors will tackle challenging songs such as “Clocks” by Coldplay and “The Cave” by Mumford & Sons. Our plan is to blow your mind! With the juniors at the marimbas, you are sure to hear the tunes such as “In the Jungle” and “Clicks Song” at all the various school events.

Junior Stage Challenge

Why do people play video games? Why are some games better than others? What makes a game fun? These are some of the challenges we overcome together. Learning the core Gaming Mechanics with the help of various environments such as GameStar Mechanic, Scratch, Alice and other similar developer kits. Targeting the youngest of our Cedar House community, we hope to grow our skills and achieve greater heights as time passes.

The TECH Club “tinker lab”

The Tech club is new at Cedar House. We use spare parts from donated/scrap mechanical and electronic equipment to build a semi-hover/semi-flight vehicle as well as a remote controlled car. Things have been going very well and we are hoping to have a demonstration of our invention at the end of the year.

Cape Appreciation Club

Be a tourist in your own city and enjoy the beautiful Cape Town. The Cape appreciation club visits everything from mainstream tourist attractions to the secret gems that the Western Cape has to offer. Outings are fortnightly.

Table Tennis

Every Tuesday students (and staff) of varying abilities congregate around the table tennis tables for furious (and fun) demonstrations of their abilities. Table tennis is an active, fast-paced and addictive sport. At this stage table tennis is a purely social extramural activity, and all Cedar House students are encouraged to give it a go!


Do you know how to play chess? Would you like to play? Or do you already play chess on a regular basis? Well then this club is for you. We meet every Wednesday from 15:00 – 16:00, and we have fun learning some chess moves and skills as well as just enjoying the game that is chess.



On a Monday and Wednesday afternoon we take an enthusiastic group of boys and girls to William Herbert Sports Grounds for an intense yet personally gratifying training session. We sweat together and grow as a soccer-playing community. Everyone involved is committed to making soccer as Cedar House’s number one extramural.

Prep Soccer

Prep soccer is the entry point to our highly successful soccer programme, with a focus on the development of core skills and an understanding of the fundamentals of the game. Prep soccer is about building an enjoyment of the game for all students and allowing for the development of those who would like to take it further.

Rock Climbing

Every Monday and Wednesday we travel to Observatory to climb at City Rock. They are a well-established climbing institute that has harnessed some of the Cape’s premier climbing talents. We enjoy an hour-long session of high intensity fun. The students are facilitated by qualified instructors and are encouraged to push their limits and test themselves.


Every Friday afternoon we take an enthusiastic group of children to Muizenberg by train. We go to Roxy Surf School, who take them on a 19-lesson course which spans over 3 terms. By the end of it, our young surfers are very close to taking on the professionals on the pro surf tour. They have an enthusiastic group of instructors to help them along every week and who go the extra mile in teaching our students the fundamentals of being a good surfer.


This is a joint venture with St. Josephs College and is run in the first and second terms. This venture has been a prosperous one and has built a good relationship between the two schools. They practise hard and they play just as hard. The boys are taught everything there is to know about the game by qualified and well sought after coaches, who place emphasis on teamwork and commitment. This gives them a strong base that they can also use off the field.


At Cedar House, basketball is used as an opportunity to build a sense of camaraderie and an understanding of team spirit. Basketball focuses on the development of skills that are essential for success. It is an uplifting and enjoyable programme and encourages the development of complete individuals.

Trail Running

Trail running takes place in the beautiful setting of Newlands Forest. Enthusiastic runners from novice to expert can enjoy this healthy outdoor activity.


On Mondays and Wednesdays from 15h15 to 16h15 we get boys and girls from the Prep and High school together to play some Hockey. Learners with varying levels of skill, from beginner to advanced, are invited to join us on the astro turf at the High school. We assist, guide and coach learners on the correct techniques used in Hockey and have loads of fun playing various games and matches! Once the Hockey bug bites, you never recover! We look forward to welcoming you into the ever-expanding Hockey community.