Prep School History

Cedar House Prep School opened its doors in January 2011, looking to create a facility that held and carried our whole world educational values for 11 to 13-year olds. It was an important development for the high school in that it provided a platform for prep school learners to prepare for the very important step of moving on to high school. The idea was to extend learners academically and socially while providing a safe space for them to practice and develop their independence, so important for high school success. There was a need in the community for a 21st-Century based type of education for a younger group of children and our aim was to close the gap.

We started out in a small school at the back of Temple Israel Shul in Salisbury Road, Wynberg. Twenty-six children in grades six and seven were enrolled under the guidance of two teachers with the assistance of a student teacher and a secretary. The first year defined the principles and values of an educational programme designed with depth, rigour and realism. Children at the Prep school were treated, for the first time, to meaningful experiential learning, and they embraced it wholeheartedly. As the success of the school grew, so did the numbers.

Our multi-aged Junior Stage module program was introduced in January 2012. Learners were able to make some choices in their subjects and exciting curricula were designed specifically to capture the imagination of the children and to engender a curiosity and joy of learning.

In June 2012, it was necessary to move as we had exhausted all possible options and configurations of space at Temple Israel. We bought the Wynberg Bowling Club in Wetton Road, Kenilworth and with the help of the Cedar House community, it was transformed it into our new Prep school campus.The children were delighted with all the available outdoor space and promptly staked their claim on the bowling green.

The additional space enabled us to accommodate more learners and to begin plans for developing the structure of the school. From June 2012, we opened our grade 5 class. By the end of the year we had 54 learners enrolled at the school. The Junior Stage programme was successfully challenging our happy students and changing educational paradigms in South Africa.

2013 started with 68 students. This number increased to 73 throughout the year. In January of 2014 renovations at the Prep School began. Two big new classrooms – with wet spaces – were built -, a beautiful covered patio space was created, students’ bathrooms were given a makeover and a disabled toilet was added to our campus. We took on a small group of Grade 4 learners in 2014 as a test group for a future Grade 4 class. These students joined our Grade 5’s, as the Junior Stage 1 class. There are presently 82 students in the Prep School.

As life at Cedar House Prep is never static, we are constantly adapting and improving our programme and facilities to give our children the best possible opportunity for growth and a deep and meaningful education.