Students for Socialcircle-hands  Justice Initiative


The Students for Social justice, or SSJ, is an initiative that aims to revive student-led activism through a collaborative, global approach. The SSJ is an international data-base of aware and engaged young people who work together to support each other in a fight for Social justice.

The SSJ focuses on empowering student voices by connecting and unifying a diverse range of students that are concerned with relevant social issues. The SSJ is a community based on critical engagement, respect, collaboration and open dialogue.

The Students for Social justice is a newly established initiative seeking to become a global movement and is currently being piloted from Cedar House School in Cape Town, South Africa. The SSJ is interested in connecting with as many schools and organizations as possible and aims to expand its reach so as to become a powerful force for change in the world.


The Cedar House Social Justice fund


As Cedar house students move toward Social justice we have created a student-led scholarship fund that focuses on contribution through sacrifice. This aims to provide a quality education to someone who would otherwise be unable to attain one and to diversify and integrate the schools demographic.

The scholarship fund has over the course of its first year raised enough funs to account for 3 students to be able to attend Cedar House for their full high-school careers.

The Cedar House Social Justice Fund was started because as students with access to our privileged education we acknowledge that the history of our country, continent and world, has left a socially unjust legacy that requires attention and effort. We also acknowledge that this change will require the sacrifice of many of our current advantages and because of this we have attempted to cut back on unnecessary spending.

We understand that this is not a complete solution to the crisis that our country faces but we believe that this is a worthwhile step that we can take towards a more just future for all