Who we are

Who we Are Dispositions

  • A small, co-educational school that is proudly child-centred, proudly independent and proudly progressive.
  • A school that is driven by high calibre staff who role model our brand.
  • A school that follows the curriculum of the Independent Examinations Board, hereby heightening critical literacy, creativity and broadly applicable thinking skills.
  • A nurturing environment that is committed to growing, validating and hearing teenagers.
  • A school that insists on high expectations under the frame of warmth.
  • A school that seeks to develop individuality through relationships.
  • A hidden curriculum underpinned by the generation of hope, positivity and happiness.
  • A buzzing, high-energy environment that tries to engage and inspire.
  • A school that has a track record of being successfully focused on developing that which cannot necessarily be seen…attributes and dispositions to confront the future with confidence.